GEM PhD School

Globalisation, Europe & Multilateralism

Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate


Geneva, Switzerland

The University of Geneva is an institution dedicated to research, teaching and intercultural dialogue. Since its foundation in 1559 the UNIGE has developed ever higher ethical standards, and has steadily increased in quality whilst consistently renewing its drive to innovate.


Today, after some 450 years of history, the Université de Genève is one of Europe's oldest and foremost universities, a leading institution within the international academic community. The UNIGE also shares the international calling of its host city, Geneva, a centre of international and multicultural activities with a venerable cosmopolitan tradition. Its desire to expand its collaboration with partner institutions and broaden its appeal to researchers and students from around the world has made the UNIGE a "globalised university", a meeting place for academic disciplines and various cultures, and a forum for new ideas.

Institut Européen (IEUG)

The European Institute at the University of Geneva is an interfaculty centre for post-graduate studies and research directly attached to the Rectorate of the University of Geneva. Its aim is to coordinate and promote post graduate teaching programmes in European studies as well as to conduct research on the development of European integration. An interdisciplinary team of academics is entrusted with these missions. The Institute brings together professors and researchers from the faculties of arts, law, social and economic sciences for this purpose. Faithful to the spirit of its founder, the philosopher Denis de Rougemont, the Institute maintains an original approach to the study of European integration, emphasizing the importance of different cultures, regional identities and federalism in the analysis of past, present and future unfolding of Europe's destiny. Law, economics, politics and history are also covered.

The IEUG has its own doctoral school in European studies which currently welcomes doctoral candidates from the universities of Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and Freiburg. This doctoral school offers methodology classes and seminars on interdisciplinary approaches to Europe and allows doctoral students to situate their research within a broader context and interact with a range of colleagues involved with similar study objects. The doctoral school also seeks to foster cooperation and dialogue between its members through cyclical seminars, joint activities and international lectures.

Since '03, doctoral students associated with the IEUG have the opportunities to follow a series of methodological workshops and topical seminars within the framework of: either the Swiss interdisciplinary school in European studies, created at the behest of the IEUG; or within the PhD school on the Foundation of European Law, co-organised since '08 with the University of Fribourg. Furthermore, all doctoral students, as well as post-doc researchers and professors, affiliated to the European Institute at the University of Geneva, meet twice a month in an interdisciplinary research Seminar. This rich tapestry of opportunities is further enhanced by allowing doctoral students affiliated with the IEUG to follow doctoral workshops within both partner faculties, such as Economic, Social sciences, Humanities, or Law; as well as, at the Graduate Institute for International relations, or the Geneva Center for Security Policy.