GEM PhD School

Globalisation, Europe & Multilateralism

Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate

Summer Schools

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The GREEN-GEM PhD Summer School marks the continuation of the efforts deployed from 2005-10 within the GARNET network of excellence (FP6) which sought to create a new kind of international and interdisciplinary training platform for PhD students.

 Over the course of the first 10 seminars organized under the aegis of the GARNET network of excellence, the PhD School perfected its format allowing it to meet – and in several cases exceed – its initial goals regarding its thematic scope; the diversity of its disciplinary reach; and the suitability of the training opportunities provided.

 Over the course of its first life cycle the PhD School hosted the following Summer/Winter Schools:

  1. The EU and global governance: efficiency and legitimacy @ ULB-IEE, Brussels (December 2005)
  2. The EU and Globalization: the interplay between Globalization and the European Socio-economic model. Is Lisbon the right answer? @ ULB-IEE, Brussels (June 2006)
  3. The EU, Political Multilateralism, and its interactions with the UN @ UNU-Cris, Bruges (December 2006)
  4. Global Governance & the EU: the Interregional Dimension @ ULB-IEE, Brussels (June 2007):
  5. Global Governance & Regionalism: the role of the EU, the WTO & other International Economic Institutions @ UNIGE, Geneva (December 2007):
  6. Global Governance, Regionalization & the EU: The Institutional Dimension @ ULB-IEE, Brussels (June 2008): 
  7. Global Governance, Regionalization & the EU: the Gender Perspective @ University of Kassel (December 2008):
  8. Global Governance, Regionalism & the EU: Theoretical Innovations @ ULB-IEE, Brussels (June 2009): 
  9. Global Governance, Regionalism & the EU: Boarders & Security @ Wroclaw University (December 2009)
  10. Global Governance, Regionalism & the EU: Facing the Emergence of a Multipolar World @ ULB-IEE, Brussels (March 2010):

Following the successful conclusion of its first 5 years of existence the PhD School’s seminar cycle was re-launched and strengthened in cooperation with the GEM PhD School and the GR:EEN (FP7) research project. Since then the following seminars were organized under the auspices of the GEM PhD School:

  • 11th Doctoral seminar in cooperation with the GIARI Summer School on: Europe-Asia: Comparative Regionalism @ Waseda University, Tokyo (August 2011)
  •  12th Doctoral seminar in cooperation with the Fudan-FUB Summer School on:Squaring Multilateralism & Multipolarity: Multilateralizing the emerging Multipolar World @ Fudan University, Shanghai (August 2012)
  •  13th Doctoral seminar in cooperation with "Manouba International Summer School":Human Rights & Democratic Transition: Between Hopes & Risks @ Manouba University, Tunis (August 2013)