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Degrees Awarded

The GEM PhD School's programme's is integrated approach to doctoral teaching is reflected in the joint tutorship and double doctorates associated with all dissertations written within its framework.

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All dissertations written within the GEM PhD School's framework are subject to joint tutorship and double doctorates.


Double Degrees

All Double Degree Doctorates pursued within the Erasmus Mundus GEM PhD School are framed by way of a standard “Double Degree Agreement” the general terms of which were approved by the administrations of the 5 degree awarding universities involved in the GEM consortium – i.e. Université Libre de Bruxelles (B); University of Warwick (UK); LUISS-Guido Carli (It); Université de Genève (CH); Universität Bielefeld (D).

Said agreement sets the general principles by which the consortium and its members define each double degree agreement peresued within the GEM framework. As such, a specific agreement linking two partner institutions is signed for each PhD pursued within the GEM PhD School.

All GEM Double Degree Agreements, whatever the given permutation of associated degree-awarding institutions, have a set of general principles in common. These general principles are spelled out in the Standard Double Degree Agreement and cover such aspects as: the projects initial set-up, its regular evaluation, and ultimate defence. Nevertheless, the specific implementation of these general principles is set in accordance with the practices and obligations of each signature institution.

Common Defense Procedures

Each degree awarding institution within the consortium has an accepted set of practices with regards to double degrees. As such, the GEM PhD School is careful to respect such precedent so as to ensure both awarded degrees are recognized by their relevant national certifying authority.

To this effect the standard bilateral “GEM Double Degree Agreement” has been vetted by the relevant people within the Research Departments of the GEM PhD School’s 5 Diploma awarding partners.